About Hole Dance Films

hdf_logoHole Dance Films’ is a dance film production company founded by dancer/ filmmakers, Carrie Richer and Kate Kosharek. The program is a part of Dancers’ Workshop in Jackson, Wyoming. Our films are interdisciplinary creations of art – we work with dancers, choreographers, cinematographers, musicians, sculptors, painters and even more as we continue to explore.

Our philosophy is to capture everyday human activity through choreography and good storytelling. Each production explores movement and place, much like site-specific dance might. Each piece embraces a narrative quality and rich characters and those two elements are what shape the dance.

Hole Dance Films has produced several short films that have been selected by both national and international film festivals to screen.  HDF strives to gain exposure for screen dance and the innovative use of media within the arts in the Jackson community and beyond, we are lucky to share that mission and receive support for this mission through Dancers’ Workshop!

Past HDF collaborators have been with actress and producer, Erin Roy, photographer, Derek DiLuzio and cinematographers, Melinda Binks and Katy Bell. We worked with painter, Kathryn Mapes Turner and explored her family history at Triangle X Ranch in the Tetons. We were honored to work on original scores with the musician duo, Yandrew, Madelaine German and Dusty Nichols. We’ve performed live at the Gowanus Guest Room series in Brooklyn thanks to Erin Gottwald! The Wyoming musician Jalan Crossland scored a fun film that highlights off-season in Jackson, titled November 2nd. In 2015, we were honored to be part of the Jackson Hole Community Supported Arts program and also received a Center of Wonder Storytelling grant to make Moving Upstream which features dancing by the Francesca Romo. Housewarming is a short that features a beautiful Jackson home and is danced by Michaela Elingson and Luke Zender. 


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