LIVE Performance

We’ve been playing with simultaneous live dance and projection lately and love the combination. Seeing our film work interact with dancers on stage brings Hole Dance Films to another level of exploring dance and film.

Elusive Stranger is a 20 minute work that premiered in Brooklyn, NY in March of 2011. This performance was performed by Erin Roy and Kate Kosharek and they were both featured in the projection layer of this performance as well. The film aspect added a new layer to both of these characters and their relationship. We love to play with the interaction between live dance and video and look forward to more of this experimentation!

We’ve put together a little teaser for Elusive Stranger below – please enjoy!

One perk of being part of Dancers’ Workshop is to introduce the concepts of dance and media with the Dancers’ Workshop students. In 2012, we had the pleasure of working with the Junior Repertory Company and created, Phantom of the Theater, a work featuring 6 young dancers. Phantom of the Theater was performed in May of 2012 and is structured in a way that it may be re-created using new young dancers and performers. Contact us if you are interested in re-setting this work in your home town!

watch Phantom of the Theater in full below:


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